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Lecture 3

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PSYC 2000
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Forms of ConsciousnessConsciousness our awareness of ourselves and our environmentModule 7 The Brain and ConsciousnessCognitive NeuroscienceCognitive Neuroscience interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with cognitionoIncludes perception thinking memory languageLink between brain and mind a mystery but science moving forwardoEg Brain activity shows which of 10 objects a person is viewingDual ProcessingDual Processing principle that information is often simultaneously processed on separate conscious and unconscious tracks AKA parallel processing2 Track MindoConscious in awareness deliberate slowoUnconscious automatic supporting function fastExample Looking at a dogoConscious Its a laboUnconscious form movement distance color Selective AttentionSelective Attentionthe focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulusCocktail Party Effect ability to attend to only one voice among many Selective Attention and AccidentsCan only focus on one task at a timeInattentional blindness failing to see visible objects when our attention is directed else where Inattentional Blindness ExampleoSimonsChabris 1999Half of the observers failed to see the gorillasuited assistant in a ball passing game Change Blindness1
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