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Lecture 45

ANP 330 Lecture 45: ANP 330

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ANP 330

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ANP 330 Lecture 45
What separates the hemispheres?
anterior cimmissure
What are the three areas of the brain during development?
1) forebrain - becomes cerebrum
2) hindbrain - becomes midbrain
3) hindbrain - becomes medulla oblongata
What are the 3 ventricles and their location?
1) Lateral ventricle - each cerebral hemisphere
2) Third ventricle - in the diencephalon
3) Fourth ventricle - between posterior surface of pons and anterior surface of
cerebellum, continuous with central canal
What are the cranial meninges?
the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord of the central nervous system
- folds of dura mater
What are the three folds of dura mater (cranial meninges)
1) fall cerebri
2) tentorium cerebelli
3) fall cerebelli
What are the three functions the cerebrospinal fluid?
1) cushions neural structures
2) supports the brain
3) transports nutrients, chemical messengers and waste products
- produced by ependymal cells at the choroid plexus
What is the function of the BBB?
isolates neural tissue from general circulation
How are the endothelial cells of the BBB special?
- selectively permeable membranes
- very tight connections between cells
- transport materials from capillaries to CSF
Where is the BBB incomplete?
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