Lecture 8

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Human Develop & Family Studies
HDFS 212

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTEXT - Socio-Economic Status (SES) - High SES - Poverty - Moderators - The role of the community - The role of culture - Review: the dynamic family system affects each family member both directly and indirectly. - The relationship of individual and family members is interrelated and interdependent. - The child’s environment consists of many influences that combine/ interplay to affect the course of development. Environmental context – - The family - Socioeconomic Status and Family Functioning - The impact of Poverty - Community (neighborhoods and schools) - The culture Context SES o An index of a family’s or individuals social position and economic well- being o Ways to measure SES—some quantification of family income, parental education, and occupational status. o SES is linked to timing of parenthood and family size. SES groups also differ in child-rearing values and expectations o SES is positively correlated with cognitive, language development, academic success and socio-emotional outcomes in children. o In all societies, there is a significant association between SES and health. HIGHER SES FAMILIES - Family structure tends to be smaller - To place greater emphasis on nurturing psychological traits - To promote warm, verbally stimulating interaction with children. - Provide abundant learning resources EMERGING ISSUES - Home computer use on child and adolescent development - Lower SES is associated with increased environmental exposures - Health risk factors ( toxins, lack of sanitary facilities) - Lower SES parents often stress external characteristics and engage in harsh, restrictive child rearing practi
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