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Lecture 3

BIOL 1510 Lecture 3: SET 3

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BIOL 1510
Eldakar Omar

SET 3 Gregor Mendel The Father of modern genetics. An Austrian monk who systematically bred thousands of common garden pea plants (Pisum saltivum). He indirectly discovered the role of alleles in inheritance. Published his results in 1886. Locus (pl. loci) Location of a gene on a chromosome. Homozygous Having identical alleles of a gene. Genotype The particular set of alleles carried by an individual. The basis of phenotype. Phenotype An individuals observable traits. Hybrids Offspring of a cross between two individuals that breed true for different forms of gene on a chromosome. It is heterozygous. Heterozygous Having two different alleles for a gene (hetero means mixed). In many cases the effect of one gene influences the other. Dominant allele An allele that masks the effect of a recessive allele paired with it. Usually represented by a capital letter.
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