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Lecture 11

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Swahili Coast, Great Zimbabwe, Silk Road

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1. What was the economic system of the Swahili Coast in Africa? (U8D4)
-They traded with India and the Medeterranian
-Based on oceanic trade
2. Why was Axum considered an important region in early African history? (U8D5)
-Axum was located by the Red Sea in Africa
-They were involved in sea based trade
-Their main importance is that they controlled sea trade
3. Did the Swahili Coast of Africa have a primitive or advanced trading network?
-They had an advanced trading network
-They traded things like gold, silver, jewelry, beads, silk, and ivory
-The Swahili coast had a prosperous economy due to their advanced trading
4. What is the most important reason for the rise of Great Zimbabwe? (U8D5)
-Zimbabwe was a cheap mining center
-It was a great place for cattle herding
-They may have controlled gold trade
-Zimbabwe was always a religious center
5. How was society in Great Zimbabwe organized? (U8D5)
-See textbook section for full explanation
-The people for some reason eventually left Zimbabwe, despite prosperity
-The people may have left because the soil was exhausted
6. What are aspects of life in Tang Dynasty China? (U8D7)
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