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Lecture 8

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Jousting, Manorialism, Fokker E.Ii

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a. Knights and tournaments; knights chivalry
a.i. Chivalry: The code of conduct which knights would follow
a.i.1. This meant they should be brave, loyal, and honoring
of women
a.ii. Tournaments: Competitions of jousting (quite dangerous)
b. Peasants and manor life
b.i. They were very important: Made roads, bridges, farmed
b.ii. Life was harsh for peasants
c. Serfs: Peasants on the manor
c.i. They were not slaves, but they also couldn’t leave the manor
without the lord’s permission
d. Manorialism: The economic system that is structured around a
manor/lord’s estate
d.i. People would usually stay on the manor, and they would give
certain things to those above them
d.ii. Also, the tithe to the church
2. The Medieval Church
a. The Parish Priest
a.i. They were the local priest in the area
a.ii. They would do things like anoint the sick, offer confession, go to
church and conduct prayer, and collect the tithe
a.iii. They were part of the fabric of everyday life
a.iv. They administered sacraments
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