COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Chage And Aska

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Published on 9 Feb 2017
Lecture Ten
Cognitive Dissonance
A negative, unpleasant state that occurs whenever a person holds two cognitions that are
psychologically inconsistent
Means incongruity among thoughts or mental elements
After a behavior already happens
Ex. Questioning how happy you would be at other schools
Both psychologically and physiologically arousing
We take steps to reduce it
Core Components
Holds two clearly incongruent thoughts
Freely performs a behavior that is inconsistent with an attitude
Makes a decision that rules out a desirable alternative
Expends effort to participate in what turns out to be a less than ideal activity
Is unable to find sufficient psychological justification for an attitude or behavior he or she adopts
It’s ol after the decision that people experience the particular stress known as dissonance
Before the decision it is called ambiguity
We do’t eperience dissonance after each and every decision
Less dissonance if we can revise your decision (ex. Tags kept on clothing)
Reducing dissonance
Chage our attitude: this oie is’t that ad
Add osoat ogitios: a people hae see this movie, I can participate in
conversations with them now
Derogate the uhose alteratie: etter tha doig hoeork
Spread apart the alternatives:
After the iportae of the ogitie eleets: I’ here spedig tie ith  frieds
“uppress thoughts: do’t thik aout it
Couiate: this is so ad
Alter behavior: leave the movie
Dissonance and Effort
No matter how attractive a group is to a person it is rarely completely positive
Ex. Greek life and pledging
Unpleasant initiation to gain admission to the group may cause dissonant cognitions
May convince oneself that the group has many positive characteristics that justify the
expenditure of effort
Induced Compliance
Person freely chooses to perform an action that is inconsistent with his or her beliefs or
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