COMM 2367H Lecture 15: Source Factors, Lecture Fifteen

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Lecture Fifteen
Source Factors
Source Factors in Persuasion
Credibility is defined as the attitude toward a source of communication held at a given time by a
Held by the person being persuaded
This definition is demonstrating the perception of credibility
Sometimes real credibility and perceived credibility are not the same
Do’t judge a ook  its oe
People do this when they hear/see persuasive messages
How do you want your message to be represented?
How do you want to be viewed?
Need credibility to match perceptions to be most affective
Different social aspects are important in different situations
Social norms also affect the perception, believing that they group is correct rather than his own
Ex. ASCH study
Informational conformity
Normative conformity
People deny what they see and conform to group pressure
Different facets of credibility will be important in different social situations
People go along with authority figures hoping to obtain rewards or avoid punishments
These people persuade others to give compliance
Milga’s “tud
Two volunteers
Forces one to shock the other when they get the question wrong
teahe ad leae
Learner is an actor, tape recorded responses
heat oditio
the epeiet euies ou to otiue
Can place blame on authority instead of themselves
Explanation must lie in the power situations can exert on human behavior
Original itet of Milga’s stud as to lea hat Nazis thought duig WW2
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