ANSI 3543 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Flint, Michigan, Fluorine, Arsenic

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13 Feb 2017
Most common substance found on earth
Estimated it takes 1368 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of body weight gain in cattle
fed alfalfa
o 114 gallons of water to produce 1 lb alfalfa x 12 pounds of alfalfa for 1 lb body
weight gain = 2368 gallons for 1 lb of body weight gain
Needed in largest quantities of all nutrients
Properties of water
Liquid over broad range of temperatures
Boils at 100˚C, 212˚F
Freezing point at 0˚C, 32˚F
High specific heat
High latent heat of vaporization
High surface tension
Polar solvent
Good solvent
Functions of water
Transport medium
o Blood ~90% water
o Lymph
o Interstitial fluid between cells
o Intracellular fluid inside cell
o Feces, urine, sweat
Temperature regulator
o High specific heat traps heat
o High heat of vaporization releases heat
o Lubrication Synovial fluid
o Muscles Glide past one another
o Spinal column cushion
o Eye
Cell turgidity and shape
o Water needed for every cell
o Moves freely across cell membrane
o Moves in and out of cell due to osmotic pressure
o Breakdown of water to H+ and OH-
o Metabolism most chemical rxn require H2O
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find more resources at
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