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Lecture 12

11:709:364 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Riboflavin, Blood Sugar, Niacin

Nutritional Sciences
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What is Public Health Nutrition?
- Public health nutrition: the application of nutrition and public health
principles to design programs, system, policies, and environments that
aims to improve or maintain the optimal health of populations and
targeted groups
- Important concept of public health nutrition
o Diet/disease relationships are complicated:
Everyone is exposed to food
Exposure is repeated daily
Most diseases affected by diet have long latency periods
Most dietary risk is chronic not acute
Measuring dietary exposure is very difficult, complex, and
error prone
- Public health nutrition is a combination of science and art
o Existing scientific evidence regarding a specific nutritional issue is
not always complete or consistent
- Why is public health nutrition important?
o Top leading causes of death in the US
1) heart disease
2) cancer
3) chronic lower respiratory diseases
4) accidents
5) stroke
6) alzheimers
7) diabetes
Preventable through nutrition
- Public nutrition seeks to:
o Prevent disease, Prolong life, & Promote health
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