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Lecture 8

SOC 248 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Blue-Collar Worker, White-Collar Crime, Ak-47

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SOC 248

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SOC 248
Midterm Two: Unit on Crime
Video: Camden, NJ, The Poorest City in the United States (and the most dangerous)
Highest crime/murder rate per capta.
Chicago Violence surging murder rate
244 Deaths in 2012 (up 35%)
40% School Drop-out rate
Update: things have gotten worst, the rates have increased
Industrialization is a factor because all the jobs are leaving and moving towards
developing countries. For example Camden used to be an industrious shopping mecca
prior to the industry leaving.
Wealth disparity is very evident
Causes of Crime:
In Camden NJ, 44% live in poverty and often ranked among the nation’s most dangerous
cities. What’s the connection? High unemployment.
“It’s all a matter of where the opportunities lie” (Seranau 128)
Merton’s Strain Theory: When people cannot attain the goods and goals that society
deems as valuable, they experience strain within themselves. In those situations, people
either retreat or innovate. Retreat meaning “fuck it” – example) substance abuse which
contributes to crime problem. Innovate creating opportunities for your self
Crime is a result of social limitations and inequalities
Int’l Drug Trade: Opium
Drugs have been bound up with power and violence since the early 1800s
British East India Co. = first drug lords
Opium War of 1838-1842
Addictive drugs = profitable and effective means of social control
Modern Day Opium War: TABACCO (US is 4th largest tabacco producer)
Int’l Drug Trade: Cocaine
Rise of cocaine trade transformed entire regions of Central and South America
War on Drug = More Violence
What’s the real problem, supply or demand?
Deterrence and Effectiveness
US holds 25% of the worlds prison population
Single biggest factor: drug sentences
Black men are 5 times more likely to serve jail than white men
Middle East and Asia: strict drug laws and social controls
Europe: drug use is a public health problem
US: high poverty rates, limited treatment options worst problems of drug related
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