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SocialPsych: Schemas, Priming, and Eberhardt et. al

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Sam Sommers

30 Jan 14 • SCHEMAS: belief systems we use to organize knowledge about the world • Assumptions & expectations • Influence: 1) what we notice, 2) what we think about, 3) what we remember, =social cognition. • Ex.: “Types of People”, roommate first impression -: What did you notice, what assumptions we made. • Ex.: Social Roles: e.g. Librarian, engineer, professor. • Ex.: Specific Events: e.g. Eating at a restaurant, haircut, first new class. • Why rely on SCHEMAS: • Pros: 1) sense of continuity, 2) help us simplify / interpret confusing / ambiguous social world. But there are cons. • Different circumstances make different schemas more/less accessible. • Certain cues or experiences can PRIME a particular schema • PRIME study examples: The “Donald” Studies: Ps asked to memorize list of words. L1: adventures, self confident, independent. L2: reckless, conceited, stubborn. • “unrelated” study: Ps read about “Donald”. L1 subjects: 70% positive impression. L2 subjects: 10% positive impression. -->Subjects have been PRIMED • Our expectations/schmas shape how we think about the world around us, even unconsciously. • Change how we see and hear the world • Social Cognition & Race: race is a factor that primes us to think certain ways • Race has a pervasive influence on social cognition even if we arent aware/deny it • EBERHARDT ETAL. (2004): investigates relationship between how we think about race and how we think about crime. • 5 diff experiments. • Methodology of priming. • Study 1: Ps=white male berkele
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