POL 150C1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: German Nationalism, Buoyancy, Romantic Nationalism

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POL 150- Politics of Happiness - Lecture 11: German Nationalism
Wednesday 10/15/14
Legitimacy, Authority, and Power
Legitimacy: the popular acceptance of a government’s or state’s authority; the
right to govern (as views by people, institutions, other states).
■ Traditional
■ Charismatic
■ Rational-Legal
Authority: The right to control, command and/or determine
Power: the ability to influence the people with or without resistance; tell the
people to do something they normally wouldn’t do.
German Nationalism
German nationalism
○ Pan-germanism
Romantic nationalism
Important Historical roots
Recall tacitus praised German virtues in Germania; germans as a distinct
○ Prussianism
from the early 19th-20th centuries = complex jewish relations
Role of Martin Luther & Protestant Reformation
Refocus on religion & church in the German setting
● Themes
Nature; seeking harmony with the world
simple rural life
○ introspection
reserved passion
education & intellectualism
Science & logic
Buoyancy & energy
○ Industry
○ Modernism
Enlightenment & Romanticism
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