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Lecture 13

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Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

52914Pol 51 Lecture 13Extra Credit 2 ChangesChange 1 The paper should be 45 doublespaces ages of textChange 2 In addition to turning in your paper with tablesfigures also turn in a complete copy of the spreadsheet a paper copy in class and an electronic copy through SmartSite A Second SmallN ExampleWhy Chewas and Tumbukas are Allies in Zambia and Adversaries in MalawiBackground the boundary between Zambia and Malawi partitions the Chewa and Tumbuka peoples leaving about twothirds of each group on the eastern side of the border in Malawi and about onefourth in Zambia the relations between Chewas and Tumbukas in each country are quite differentMalawi members of the two groups tend to see each other as political adversariesZambia members of the two groups view each other as ethnic brethren and political alliesResearch Questionsthe border that separates Zambia and Malawi thus does more than simply partition the Chewa and Tumbuka peoples It also demarcates two completely different zones of intercultural relationsWhat explains this striking crossborder contrast Why are Chewas and Tumbukas allies in Zambia and adversaries in Malawi Why is the cultural cleavage between these two communities so much more politically and socially important in one country than the otherSetting up the Researchquestions to answer 1What is the unit of analysisCountries2What are the casesMalawi and Zambia n23Wh
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