BIO SCI 194S Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act, Eye Protection, Burn

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19 Jul 2018
(LEC. 4) UCLC: Laser Safety, UC Privacy and Security
Training (HIPPA) Campus, and UCI RCR Compliance
What is considered Medical information?
- Information regarding a patient’s medical history
- Information regarding the mental or physical conditions or treatments
Disclose patient’s information with only family members and friends of the patient does
NOT protect a patient’s health information or adhere to HIPAA regulation?
The TWO common factors in accidents:
- No standard operating procedures (SOP) during experiment
- Eye protection was not worn during the procedure
It takes 1 seconds of accidental exposure does it take for a skin burn to occur
When disclosing patient’s protected health information to an employer, family member,
friend, lawyer, use in clinical trials, marketing, fundraising or mass communication you
must obtain An official signed UC HIPAA form from the patient.
The following are Engineering Controls that should be in place when working with Lasers
- Protective housing
- Beam enclosures
- Beam barriers
- Beam stops
- Laser curtains
HIPAA is a federal law enacted to protect the privacy of patient’s health information and
provide for the physical and electronic security of protected heath information.
Additionally, it does the following:
- Simplifying billing and other transactions with standardized code sets and
- Specify new rights of patients to approve access and use of their medical
Normal light differs from a laser
- A standard bulb disperses light in all different directions
Far infrared & far ultraviolet lasers are the type of lasers that present the most hazard to
the skin
Based on the introduction of “On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in
Research,” what are the three sets of obligations that motivate adherence to professional
- An obligation to honor the trust that colleagues place in them.
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