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Lecture 30

HISTORY 36B Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Peloponnesian War, Athenian Treasury, Peloponnesian League

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Brusuelas
History 36 B
a. Physical space of the polis (lecture slide 17, textbook 310-320)
i. Acropolis
1. Fortified center of the polis, common to many city-states
2. Traditional home/focus of chief gods/legendary figures of the Athenians
a. Spiritual focus of the polis
3. Renovated and expanded by Pisistratus, but this work was destroyed
during the persian invasion of 480 BCE
a. Initiated an ambitious building project on the acropolis because it
would provide steady employment to the restless urban poor, foster
patriotism among all citizens, and attract wealthy, talented metics
4. Reconstruction during time of Pericles
ii. Temple of Athena Parthenos (“the virgin”) also known as the Parthenon
1. Not a place of congregation/worship
2. Home of the divinity
a. Image placed inside
3. Home of statue
4. Storehouse for property of Athena’s cult
5. Storehouse for the Athenian treasury
a. Goddess possessions locked in back with the treasury of the city of
6. Athena Promachus stood in front, 30 feet high and sculpted by Phidias
a. Shield in her left hand, spear in her right hand
iii. Erechtheum
1. Associated with numerous cults
2. Olive tree of Athena
3. Salt spring of Poseidon
4. Crevice that contained the sacred snake that embodied the child god
Erichthonius/ Erechtheus (Poseidon)
Chapter 8 Key Topics/Issues
a. The archidamian war (lecture slide 18, textbook 327-332) - war between Delian (led by
Athens) and Peloponnesian league (led by Sparta)
i. The Archidamian War 431 - 421 BCE
1. Periclean strategy - Pericles (general of athens)
a. Harass the Peloponnesus with the navy
b. Have all athenians abandon their homes/farms and take refuge
behind the long walls
i. Essentially making the city an island
ii. Food and other necessary goods would be imported by ship
c. Sparta would get bored, retreat, and return to diplomacy
i. Tired of ravaging the land when nobody came to fight
ii. Sue for peace
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