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Susanna Lewis

1. DreamWorlds 3 a. What are the messages in music videos about female sexuality? About male sexuality? About race? b. Do you think there is a relationship between narratives we see in music videos (and other media outlets), and how women and men view one another and interact? i. Is Sut Jhally overstating (and over-analyzing) it? ii. If so, what should we make of the images of real-world interactions (e.g. Puerto Rican Day Parade) and interviews with college men? c. How did watching the film make you feel? What about clips from specific videos, like Tip Drill, Diary of Pimp, and Backstage Sluts? d. How does this film relate to this week’s theme of social hierarchy and inequality? 2. What do we mean by hierarchy and inequality? a. Power of race privilege, for example, the ability to say something and have it believed to be true; to be presumed NOT to be a likely thief when walking into a store, or a danger to others when walking down the street vs. someone who is immediately suspect by virtue of race or ethnicity. i. This is seen with gender as well, and with any subordinate group: the dominant group gets “default trust; benefit
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