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Microbiology and Cell Science
MCB 3020L

Chloe Evetts (8990-4674) Cameron Jacobs June 9, 2013 Fecal Float Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to learn how to examine a fecal sample for eggs, cysts, ameba and other indicators of parasitic infections. This is a very important procedure to ensuring the health of our animals. Parasites can be very harmful to pets, especially if they are not identified early on. By learning this procedure, we can ensure that our own pets are not hosts for a variety of different parasites. Hypothesis: Parasites are extremely common, especially in Florida. There is such a variety of different organisms that thrive in the hot and humid environment. Even with routine worming, it is difficult to rid an animal of all of its parasites. I expect that this experiment will show parasites present in the sample provided. Procedure: 1. Take a small scoop with a wooden tongue depressor and mix with about 8 ml of  your flotation solution in a small bowl to make a homogeneous suspension.  2. Strain the dispersed fecal matter through a cheesecloth and funnel into a 10 ml  conical tube.  3. Fill the tube up to the top with the fecal solution using a transfer pipette. Make  sure the solution has a convex surface.  4. Put the cover slide on top of the tube/solution (it may spill a bit).  5. The cover slip has to contact the solution surface completely.  6. Let it sit for 10­20 minutes. 7.  The eggs will rise to the top and stick to the glass. 8. Lift up the cover slip vertically and put onto a glass slide.  9. Look for parasite eggs, cysts and other life forms with the 10x magnification. Results No abnormalities were found in the sample taken from my personal dog, Molly. After  completing the procedure, there were no eggs, cysts or other life forms visible at the 10x  magnification. Discussion Molly is on routine parasite protection, and was recently given prevention within the past  week. Although it is possible that she could still be infected, it is unlikely. This  experiment showed that keeping pets up to date with parasite prevention is very helpful  and important. Learning to perform this procedure is extremely advantageous, especially  because I am studying to be a veterinarian
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