ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Estates Of The Realm, Tennis Court Oath

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Published on 6 Nov 2016
Age of Revolutions
- American Rev.: 1776; Jefferson writes the Dec. of Indep.
- FR Rev.: 1789; plays an arguably bigger role in history compared to the American Rev.
Historic Side Notes and Revisitations
- Basically every Enlightenment thinker associated rights and responsibilities with freedom.
- The English Parliament actually controlled the British Isles much more than King George
- Moder Age/Age of Moderit: Age of Re. – present
- Pre-Moder Age: 5-1800
- “ee Years’ War started ith eaer pelts.
o A world war.
o FR was the superpower of the 18th century.
o FR got help from some Native American tribes.
o Britain wins because of the added presence of their colonists and settlements in
- Britain in shambles after that: wracked by multiple wars, in huge debt, people want a new
start, etc.
o To sole det: Let’s put a e ta o the oloists eause e o the ar ad
the the oloists eefitted the ost.
A reasonable request. Additionally, it was a small tax.
o Coloists’ respose: No taatio ithout represetatio!
A reasonable request as well.
- Disparity between how Parliament actually ran and how the American colonists thought it
ran and other strains begin.
- Parliament consisted of:
o House of Lords
Lords got their money from landed estates. Clearly, the American colonists
had no lords.
o House of Commons
Coos refers to ho the eers get their ealth fro the it, or
“o, ot the oo people.
o Only Englishmen. Never gave seats to the Irish, the Scottish, the Welsh, so why
would they even give any to people on a different continent?
American Revolution
- Parliaet as too ipatiet to ait for oloists’ ail.
o Admittedly, it took super long to send and receive mail from people an ocean
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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