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Lecture 38

CHEM 105bL Lecture 38: Different types of hydrocarbons

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CHEM 105bL
Parr Jessica

+r58 Hnloh4c\v otuvboru (a-x1 nt rt r1 ts subfirtmc'r't . nftyn^ tM nulro(n r'btotv\02-chloro -3' vvwlh'1Wwlo* l-[ l. eih P{+r,t/\'^- IX r,sn\3r 1l'1'to ,,( ) .Attotro lr tR 0t-\ natMvt* nar,nud b1 rrPlotrni tt/w - ( o{ 1lA^ Pnr"tnl " tl 'and I (rt4'^J i',^l Posttro,'l o{ 'th^ akohi'l . wl - 01 P( I t6rwnXf tlY'alut .rx H.C l ttht,Jlt-h'tPtnnol \ cl-iJ \/,A ot-t @ 6) tX o -) -wtttlh1l -L-hAxurl'roI 5 b-0rowr G E EF G E $l tlr\ a{cohoi tl}'or4P' d,tlrtdtn X 0n {l,vt Putllruv, ,l ont u-l'*" E '- pvtn{tr1 0H'gvrtr p a1latfud 1o h C d Rq € E Ho g fo a ( r/r P q 11r0ildffY 1"-gr ( (. 1o A C i R qrout\ ttrltav IAI0tst 4uorp aflathrl -l J fi, ,--.\\ J '{' l ({ut'ltont,il Alm['roIs CH.Ort + H Cl -: Cl-ltCl + H 'O si,rbtltlnltun 0l-l ) + HzO 'CH,:Cl-l tUrbun\ R,) tlhtrs tr O (1"1t)raurb,vnl dphobet'tJJ nrrrn,td b4 takrnl 1M , twu nltyi lrahP\ r{J\Ubl1utrnlt anil add' "rlWr'i on t l"ttn c\ r1h1l- tltrur' o PYoP 1\- ,,rrz o 0 - ptrrl.,tl h,t" /\/\,/ O v\.z\,,'V 0 A ldt h\Mr ( R - b - ul Wtltn -At l'0 a tl^ - t a1 {nt tVrd o'f {tv. partnl lAaw\\ [lcl i':rb(tCrtlr[ t( w'ri[ aiwali lr< { cl,
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