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Lecture 28

GOV 312L Lecture Notes - Lecture 28: Intersectionality, Modern Liberalism In The United States, KauaiPremium

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GOV 312L
Christina Bambrick

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GOV312L - Unit 3 Summary notes 3.10
Changes in the family
The “traditional family” vs. the family as a collection of individuals (with flued, detachable
Women still tend to be the primary caregivers
o More vulnerable to divorce and fluctuations in the labor market (lower pay, lower
status, less security)
Public interest in the conditions under which children are raised, and the education of
o Public cannot be indifferent
Disagreement between conservatives and liberals about family policy
Consensus on whit it matters:
o Healthy family enable ppl to reach full potential
o Dysfunctional families breed delinquency and crime
o Families = main source for work force
Funds for social security, contributes to econ
The Kauai Study
Began in 1950s
Traced children throughout lives
o Looked at factors that influenced them
Personality, personal characteristics
Stable, interactive, intact household
Support systems external to family; school, clubs, sports
These mutually reinforcing protective factors are less secure due to social/economic
We don’t talk about these things, only talk about rights talk
Potential solutions
o Need to be supportive of families and associations, and not inadvertently
discourage, impede, or penalize those responsibly trying to carry out family roles
o If we divorce rights from a fuller picture of what human beings need, that won’t
o Need to talk about family and community in addition to rights
Relationships necessary for human ends and happiness
o Networks, communities, etc. are essential for
Good of individual, Human development
System of govt. (Structure of human relationships)
In addition to networks/community for personal preferences, it enables us to discuss
rights, debate topics, etc.
Critique of identity
How should diversity shape out politics?
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