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Lecture 7

GOV 312L Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Gulf War, Public Good, Internal Revenue Service

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Review of Domestic Politics and International Relations Video NOT INCLUDED
Rally around the flag: Society, the
president, and USFP
“Rally Around the Flag”
effect:people support the
military conflicts
The tendency for the
public to rally behind
the president and the
cause of war at times of
perceived crisis.
Can be seen in Pres.
W. Bush’s
administration after
9/11 and the lead up to
the invasion of
Afghanistan soon after,
and the lead up to the Iraq War in 2003.
Korean and Vietnam started with high approval ratings.
H.W. Bush’s approval rating also went up after start of first Persian Gulf
War in 1991.
Why? What can explain this phenomenon?
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People tend to come together based on national identity during
times of conflict as a form of self defense and an expression of
national identity and pride.
EX. Russia supported Putin right after initiation of conflict in
Ukraine. Ratings rose over 20% because Putin framed it as
Russia against imperial West.
Lack of interest/information
Results in volatile policy positions.
Dramatic impact of foreign crises
More easily swayed by foreign crises
Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990
Curtain crisis with ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Fleeting nature of support
Does not last
Mueller: The Iraq Syndrome
The Problem of Sustaining Public
Support for War
“War Fatigue” (opposite of “rally
around the flag”) and Declining
Public Support for American
military intervention:
The tendency for public support
for American military intervention
to decline over time.
Low tolerance over long
wars/american casualties
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