POLS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Socialist Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism

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9 Feb 2017

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6 February 2017
Postmodernism takes various forms; it can be seen as a serious critique to traditional
Postmodernism is opposed to the knowledge-claims associated with the 18th century
“enlightenment” - the source of most modern ideologies.
Can be criticized because it offers few positive ideas for the future
There cannot be an objective truth to the world. Does not take us anywhere, useless
A product of the enlightenment 18th century feminism argued that women were secluded
from the public realm, whereas they where well equipped to compete on equal terms with
Liberal feminism Focuses on equal treatment for women in the public realm (politics). Law
should prevent discrimination on the job market on the grounds of gender. Women should
also be allowed to take part in political processes on equal basis with men.
Radical feminism This variant recognizes and celebrates the fact that men and women are
different. The public real, as it exists at present, has been shaped by patriarchy. The radical
feminist seeks to destroy patriarchy power whatever its form.
Socialist feminism Women are an essential (but unrewarded) prop of the capitalist system
because they care for the workers of the present and raise children who will be the workers of
the future. Only the destruction of exploitative capitalism will liberate women and men.
Although measures to protect the environment are not new, it is only in recent decades that
people have come to regard them as environmentalists.
The liberal approach is best summed up by the term sustainable development, which
implies that the existing capitalist system can continue in a modified form.
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