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HIST 201
James Scow

Pigafetta on Trade: • “For one fish hook or one knife, hose people gave us five or six chickens; for one comb, a pair of geese; for one mirror or pair of scissors, as many fish as would be sufficient for ten men; for a bell or a laze, one basketful of potatoes. . . . For a king of diamonds which is a playing card, they gave me six fowls and thought that they had even cheated me.” • He is very excited about it, and very please; the Chinese don’t seem pleased about getting things, they just seem to expect it • He is very fixated on food, it seems that they needed food • This is small scale trading; the Chinese has a large scale tributes going on • Most of what the Europeans are trading is utility stuff Zheng He Inscription on Tribute: • “The country of Hulumosi presented lions, leopards with gold spots, and large western horses. The country of Adan presented {girattes} as well as the long-horned {oryx}. The country of Mugudushu presented {striped zebras} as well as lions. The country of Bulawa presented camels which run one thousand li as well as camel-birds {ostriches}. • Since the tribute isn’t actually trade, so the passage is laid out differently • The animals in this passage aren’t intended for eating; these are the biggest and most impressive animals that they could get their hands on – they are intended to be show pieces Reli
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