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Introduction to the course with syllabus outline discussed: midterm on oct 14th @ 6, assignment 1 due nov 15th. Why do we study it: historical foundations, 7 questions, research methods in child development. Child development: age changes in children"s characteristics. Systematic: theres a plan with it, theres a systematic way in which these changes take place. Successive: these changes build on each other. These changes build on each other the example is of a child beginning to pull themselves up to nally being about to walk. They don"t just one day cant sit up to the next day they are walking theres a succession to this they are tippy at rst before they can nally walk. Height and weight, as a child gets older they tend to get taller. Learning to walk or in the context of obesity and how the factors of this affects them this can t into cognitive and the social component.

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