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Carleton University
PSYC 2800
Catherine Smith

Lecture 1 1 The idea that species exhibiting more complex behaviors will possess relatively larger brains is summed up by the idea ofA Principle of proper massB EncephalizationC Principle of mass actionD Relativization 2refers to the nervous systems ability to change and adapt to compensate for injuryA NeuroplasticityB RecoveryC Phenotypic plasticityD Rehabilitation 3 The CNS includes thewhereas the PNS includes the A Brain and autonomic nervous system spinal cord and somatic nervous systemB Spinal cord and autonomic nervous system brain and somatic nervous systemC Spinal cord and brain autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous systemD Somatic nervous system and brain spinal cord and autonomic nervous system 4 The term afferent refers tosignalsA IncomingB OutgoingC RelayD Motor 5 Rostral is to caudal asA Superior is to inferiorB Dorsal is to ventralC Medial is to lateralD Anterior is to posterior 6 The frontal lobes are responsible for controllingA Decision makingB Hearing language and musicC VisionD Sensory processing and directing movements toward objects 7 Sulci areA Found only in the cerebellumB Found only in the cerebrumC The cracks between the bumps on the brainD The bumps on the surface of the brain
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