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Religion 1710 Revision IslamIslam the religion of the sword the complete trust and surrender Body practices doings and lawIman Mind doctrines believing and theology faithIhsan soul spirituality seeing and mysticismMuslim The person who submitsShahadah There is no God but God and Muhammad is his messenger Henotheistic The early stage of the monotheism Jahiliyya time of the ignoranceHanif people in Jaheleya who rejected the idea of polytheism and retained some or all of the tenets of the monotheism Its Islam in its purest formThree daughters of Allah the Asnam that were worshipped at Kabaah Each have separate shrine near Mecca Black stone Dates back to Adam and Eve Its were the Muslim pray toWarlords A commander exercising civil power in a regionMecca a religious Political and Economic centreHijra the flight from Mecca to Madina YathribUmmah group of people who submits to God Imama prayer leader There are 12 for Shi3aNabiprophet warning from god We have 20 nabisRasulmessenger comes with scriptures We have 12 rasulKharijitee those who supported Ali at the first begging then rejected him later Shiat Ali Party of AliShia Height of Abbasid Dynasty the time where Islam spreads so fast 800CESyncretismthe importance of Quran for MuslimsFatimid Shi3a refers to the citizen of caliphateSeljuq miniempires Muslim Sunni empire they controlled a huge area thstEid alFitr 9 month 1 of Shawwal holiday that marks the end of Ramadan thEid alAdha 10 of Dhul Hijja festival of sacrifice at the end of the Hajj
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