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PSYC-212 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pseudoscience, Live Coding, 2Degrees

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Shannon Digweed
Study Guide

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1. Give 4 examples on identifying Pseudoscience
2. What are the 4 norms of scientific inquiry?
3. What are the 4 goals of scientific research in Psychology?
a. Explain the 3 criteria for causal claims for determining causes of behaviour
4. What is the difference between Basic and Applied Research?
5. Define Theory and explain its 2 functions.
6. Define Hypothesis.
7. What are the 3 core principles of the Tri-Council Policy?
8. Define Variable.
a. What are the 4 type of relationships between variables?
9. What are the 4 categories of variables?
10. What is an Operational Definition?
11. What is the Non-Experimental Method?
12. Explain the Experimental Method.
13. Define Construct Validity.
a. What are 6 indicators of Construct Validity?
14. Explain the 4 measurement scales.
15. Explain the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative.
16. Explain Naturalistic Observation.
a. What are some issues with this?
b. Limitations?
17. Explain Systematic Observation
a. What are some limitations?
18. What is a Response Bias?
19. What should a researcher consider avoiding with their wording?
20. What should a researcher consider avoiding in their questions?
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