HRM822 Midterm Study Notes

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Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management HRM822
Dan Mc Garry

HRM822 Midterm Study Notes Question 1 -What isEnvironmental Scanning? Howisitaccomplished? Whyisitimportant? What external factorsshould you scan?  Environmental Scanningisthesystematicmonitoringofthemajor factorsinfluencing the organization to identify trendsthatmight affect the formulation and implementation of bothorganizationaland HRstrategies.  It isimportant because ...  Stages of EnvironmentalAnalysis: 1. Scanning -an attempt toidentifyearlysignsofchangesand trends 2. Monitoring -a systematicapproachtokeyindicatorssuchasabsenteeismdue to a specific illness 3. Forecasting -an attempttoproject the impact ofthe trend ontothe organization 4. Assessing -describing theimpact ofthetrend onthe organization  External Factors 1. Technology 2. Legislation 3. Economy 4. Demographics 5. Socio-Cultural Factors 6. Globalization 7. Government 8. Competition 9. Suppliers 10. Geography 11. RawMaterials 12. Labour Supply Question 2 -What isJob Analysis? Whyisitimportant? Whatarethefivestages?  Job Analysisisan examinationofthejobsintheorganizationwithaview to documentingthe tasks,dutiesandresponsibilitiesofajoband theKSAO'sassociated with the successful performance ofthejob o KSAO ==Knowledge,Skill,Ability&Other Attributes  Knowledge -the bodyfinformation,usuallyofafactualor procedural nature, that allowsan individualtoperformatask successfully  Skill -the individual'slevelofproficiencyin typically expressed in numerical terms  Ability -a more general,enduringtrait orcapability an individual possesses at thetimewhen he/shebeginstoperform a task  Other Attributes -includeswork experience,  It isimportant because: o Incorporates recent changesinprocessesand techniques,keepingjob descriptionsup to date o Ensures that HR demandand supplyare matchedbyrecruitment &selection methods o Aligns HR programstocorporate strategy&futureneeds o Trackstechnological changes o Helpsto prioritize work activitiesand functions o Identifiescore functions&future skillrequirements o Providesfor comparisonswithdifferent work sites(even globally) o Assists in developing trainingprograms o Allowsfor stated and understood performancestandards o Assists in meeting payequityrequirements o Allowsfor creation of required workplace accommodations o Assists in developing organizationalidentity o Used to set compensationguidelines o Incorporated into Health&Safety program  Five/Seven Stages of Job Analysis: 1. Determine the job to beanalyzed. 2. Determine the appropriate methods. 3. Determine whoshould beinvolved 4. Examine therecordeddataforthejob orprocess 5. Conduct the analysisand reviewthedata 6. Define andformalize newmethodsand performance standards 7. Maintain the new methodsand standardsthatwereintroduced. Question 3-What isa Job Description? Whatshould itcontain?Howisitconstructed? Whatits importance?  Job Description isthe written documentsproduced bythejob analysisprocess, emphasizing duties,tasks,specificationsand competencies.  It should contain the following: 1. List the dutiesin order of importance. 2. Indicate the amount oftime devotedtoeachduty/task. 3. Job title 4. Job code or classification number fromtheNOC 5. Compensation category 6. The department or subunit 7. The title of the ‘report to’ 8. The datethe description wascompleted 9. The name of the job analyst  It isimportant because ... Question 4 -What isHuman ResourcesForecasting? Whatarethebenefitsofconducting forecasting?  Human ResourcesForecastingistheheart oftheHRplanningprocess.It can bedefined as"ascertaining the netrequirement for personnelbydeterminingthe demand and supply of human resources nowand inthefuture”.Forecastingimproveswhen avariety of techniquesare used.  Benefitsof HR Forecasting: 1. Reduces HR costs asthereislesslikelihood oflast minute crisisinterventions and stop-gap measures. 2. Ispro-active soit requiresconstant job analysesand updatingofrequired and available KSAO’s. 3. Increasesorganizationalflexibility asitallowsfor the development ofoptions, succession planning and cross-training. 4. Ensure a linkage to thebusinessforecast therebyaligningHRwithother businessfunctionsand objectivesand keepingsenior executives awareofHR activities. 5. Ensures that organizationalrequirementstakeprecedence over issuesof resource scarcity,astheorganizationwillbe prepared and willhave determined
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