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Pecking order: a behavioural occurrence where members of a species have a chain of authority. Nested hierarchy: groups of related organisms share similar characteristics, the number of shared traits increases with relatedness, refers to the way taxonomic groups t neatly and completely inside other taxonomic groups. Ex: all bats are mammals, all mammals are vertebrates, all whales are also mammals, therefore vertebrates. Unionid mussel life cycle: glochidia, host fish, juvenile, adult. Unionids have a complex life cycle, which includes a component of obligate parasitism (i. e. , they must parasitize a host at some stage to complete their reproductive cycle). Most of the species in ontario are dioecious, meaning that they have separate males and females. Males release their sperm into the water through their exhalant siphon, which are then taken up by females downstream through their inhalant siphon. Fertilization is internal (i. e. , inside the female"s body), and the embryos develop inside modi ed pouches of the female"s gills called a marsupium.