BIOL 1070 Final: Week 8 Exam notes

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The atmospheric layer in the arctic is shallower than in other parts of the planet. Solar heat absorbed by the oceans is more easily transferred to the atmosphere as sea ice retreats. Changes in oceanic and atmospheric circulation can increase warming. Plants living in the arctic face a short growing season. Black flies in the arctic have homeostatic control over some parameters (eg. glucose) but not others (eg. temperature). A caribou maintains body temperature about 370 c despite arctic winter temperatures that plummet to -600 c. this is an examples of homeostasis. Key points for week 8: the arctic is warming faster than other areas of the earth in response to man-made activity. The north pole may become 8 c warmer by 2100 if we don"t slow down the release of greenhouse gases worldwide: mammals are endotherms that maintain body temperatures near 37 c. Fish are ectotherms that rely on the external temperature to set body temperature.

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