FRHD 1020 Study Guide - Sexual Identity, Sociobiology, Physical Abuse

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Gender- social attitudes and behaviours of males and females. Role- behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status. Gender role-behaviour expected of a female or male in a particular culture. Socialization- the process by which people learn characteristics of their group. Gender identity- a person"s psychological sense of being male or female. Cross dressers- a member of one gender dresses up in clothes, and other gender-specific attire to appear to be a member of the other gender. Transgendered persons-a person with the biological sex of one gender who has the identity or self-concept of the other gender and undergoes processes and/or procedure to change that sex. A person who has intersexed sexual organs. A person for who the biological process of sex differentiation has been nonstandard. Causes: chromosomal abnormalities, errors of metabolism affecting reproductive hormones, exposure to exogenous steroids during fetal development. Young kids tend to be more accepting.

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