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HROB 2090 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ricardo Semler

Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
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HROB 2090
Study Guide

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Unit 01: Weekly Video Notes
TED Talk: Ricardo Semler – How to run a company with (almost) no rules
- give people the ability to control their own lives, not to be restricted by timelines, start and end times,
holiday schedules or even mon-fri work weeks.
- ex: say to your salesman, if you can sell 57 items you can have the rest of the week off, I don’t care
when you finish the 57 sales, if its by wednesday, then ill see you again monday
- Looking for wisdom, giving people more freedom in their positions.
- what we do with teaching is entirely obsolete, the idea to redesign a schooling system for wisdom.
- the idea would be to divide the teachers role into two,
- a tutor, look after the students well being
- bring elderly people in to teach their passion and expertise
- teach things like, how to measure ourselves, love, death, things that we all know nothing about
- introduced the idea of a ‘circle’ where all the kids come together once a week and come up with their
own rules for the week
-in their circle they came up with the same rules that adults would have,. But they are their own rules,
which makes them follow it better
- the courses are created by the students, like a 45 day course on building a bicycle
- when Ricardo was 50, he threw all of his past achievements into a fire,
- this freed his children from having the obligation to follow in his shadow
- this also freed him to be able to achieve his new goals and freedom
- the message, we have all learned to go to the computer on sunday night and check the emails for
work, but we have not learned how to go to the movies on monday afternoon
- always ask three why’s in a row, because the first why you always know the answer to, the second
why, it starts to get difficult, the third why you realize you dont really know what you’re doing.
Questions from the host
almost nobody in control now is willing to take the leap of faith, this is something for a student or child
to bring into the business world.
Because the idea takes too long to prove itself, a company now has a 90 day mandate, for its quarterly
Having the courage to stop what you are doing, and move onto something you love. It will work out !
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