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Says he is not convinced about this: what does billing mean by anti cognitivism, what are some of the main differences between discursive psychology and other forms of social psychology? (cid:224) discursive psychology, note: has to do with edley paper. Profs notes: whatever knowledge claim you make has to do with how do we know what we know (this is the epistemological side); critical realists say that there are things we can talk about in meaningful ways , while the realitivists say there is no way to do this and this is the debate the edley is trying to get at: what does the social" mean in social construction? (cid:224) there needs to be social meaning in many societies, like with the action of theft, we need a label to describe what someone did and how to punish them or reward them based on that, and this means it would have social meaning attached to language.

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