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BIOL120 Study Guide - Final Guide: Coleoptile, Brassinosteroid, Nitrogen Fixation

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Simon Chuong
Study Guide

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Plant Review
Multiple Choice:
Q: What is the name given to the veinless, leaf-like flaps of tissue on the stem of
whisk ferns?
A: Enations
Q: Gnetophytes are the only gymnosperms that have vessels in their xylem
A: True
Q: In pine, the female gametophyte is housed in the:
A: Ovule
Q: Which of the following s NOT a feature of CAM plants?
A: use two cell types to fix CO2
Q: Which of the following gymnosperms has only one living species?
A: Ginkgoes
Q: Fruits that develop from ovaries that have unfertilized eggs are called
A: Parthenocarpic
Q: Small molecules, such as sugar ions, and RNA pass between plant cells via
A: Plasmodesmata
Q: Golden rice is?
A: a rice cultivar engineered to have high levels of carotenoids in the endosperm
Q: Microtubules are involved in the movement of flagella, cilia and organelles, as
well as in cell division
A: True
Q: Cell plate formation and the reformation of the nuclear envelope are features of
A: False
Q: Which of the following is generally absent from animal cells?
A: Large vacuoles and plasmodesmata
Q: Which of the following is NOT a primary meristem?
A: Cork cambium
Q: Sclerids and fibers are two forms of
A: Sclerenchyma
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