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BIOL 120
Simon Chuong

Plant Review Multiple Choice: Q: What is the name given to the veinless, leaf-like flaps of tissue on the stem of whisk ferns? A: Enations Q: Gnetophytes are the only gymnosperms that have vessels in their xylem A: True Q: In pine, the female gametophyte is housed in the: A: Ovule Q: Which of the following s NOT a feature of CAM plants? A: use two cell types to fix C2 Q: Which of the following gymnosperms has only one living species? A: Ginkgoes Q: Fruits that develop from ovaries that have unfertilized eggs are called A: Parthenocarpic Q: Small molecules, such as sugar ions, and RNA pass between plant cells via A: Plasmodesmata Q: Golden rice is? A: a rice cultivar engineered to have high levels of carotenoids in the endosperm Q: Microtubules are involved in the movement of flagella, cilia and organelles, as well as in cell division A: True Q: Cell plate formation and the reformation of the nuclear envelope are features of metaphase A: False Q: Which of the following is generally absent from animal cells? A: Large vacuoles and plasmodesmata Q: Which of the following is NOT a primary meristem? A: Cork cambium Q: Sclerids and fibers are two forms of A: Sclerenchyma Q: What is the name of the cell that is closely associated with sieve tube members in phloem tissue? A: Companion cells Q: The periderm is composed of cork cells, replaces the epidermis, and constitutes the outer bark in woody plants A: True Q: What is the name of the multi-layer epidermis coving the aerial roots of an orchid A: Velamin Q: Amyloplasts in cells of the root apical meristem function as gravity sensors A: False (in the root cap, not meristem) Q: Roots that develop from the embryonic radicle are called A: Taproots Q: The group of cells that reside under the endodermis is called? A: Pericycle Q: Uptake of DNA into cell can be achieved by: A: Biolistic bombardment, electric shock, chemical treatments, microinjection Q: Which of the following cell is NOT produced by the vascular cambium? A: Pith cells Q: Which type of stele consists of a s
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