BIOL240 Study Guide - Final Guide: Replica Plating, Root Nodule, Nonsense Mutation

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16 Oct 2011

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Impact almost al bio in the world. Microbiology is the science of microorganisms (these are organisms that can only be seen with a microscope). Microbes(microorganisms) can be divided in to two. Bacteria interact with different organisms e. g. root nodule in leguminous plants. Cells have metabolism, this metabolism then results in growth, cells differentiate, they communicate, they are motile and they evolve. Microbes were the first life on earth. Created the biosphere that allows macro organisms to evolve. Machine and coding functions of the cell. Machine functions : energy production, metabolism, enzymes. Coding functions: dna replication and translation to form proteins. These two functions are interrelated and they both result in growth. Mining : can act on the ore of copper to release pure copper. Agriculture: e. g. , root nodules, plants that contain bacteria in their nodules do not need fertilizer. In animals cellulose digesting bacteria break down the grass in their bellies.

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