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University of Waterloo
ECON 101
Vivian Dayeh

MIDTERM 1 – STUDY GUIDE You are responsible for all materials that were covered in class from chapter 1 to chapter 4. This guide is only a summary of topics that you need to study for your midterm. Your primary source of study is still your lecture notes. CHAPTER 1: - Definition of economics (choices, scarcity, opportunity cost, and examples of these terms). - Distinguishing between microeconomics and macroeconomics. - Two big economic questions: o What, how, and for whom question o Self-interest vs. social interest - Definition of factors of production and how to distinguish them. - The economic way of thinking: o Choice and tradeoff o Opportunity cost o Choosing at the margin o Responding to incentives o Positive statements vs. normative statements. CHAPTER 2: - Production possibilities frontier o Definition o Attainable vs. non-attainable o Calculate opportunity cost along the PPF o Slope of PPF o Shape of PPF o How PPF illustrates  Efficiency  Production efficiency  Allocative efficiency  Tradeoffs  Opportunity cost = a decrease in quantity produced of one good / an increase in the quantity produced of another good (know how to calculate opportunity cost using the PPF)  Concept of marginal cost  Economic growth o Preference and marginal benefit  Principle of decreasing marginal benefit o Economic growth  Technological change  C
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