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PHIL 215
Andrew Stumpf

Exam- PHIL 215 Cumulative- April 24 , 2013: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Location: STJ 2017 1. True/false- 20 questions (1 mark each) 2. 15 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) 3. Ordering- 5 questions (putting the steps in order) (2 mark each) 4. Short answer (A): (concepts and definitions) – 2 questions (choice of 4) (5 marks each) 5. Short answer (B): Case scenario analysis (general or specific) 2 questions (choice of 3) (10 marks each)  TRUE/FALSE: Milton Friedman argues that business people should not be involved in socially responsible projects because this would give such people too much power (False- part of it is true but this is still in its entirety false)  MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which of the following is not a core component in the structure of a standard corporation? B.O.D/Managers/Suppliers/Shareholders? Ans: suppliers  Ordering (5 questions, worth 2 marks each): put the steps of the following ethical analysis in order in accordance with Audi’s 5 step process for resolving ethical dilemmas: 1. There is a tension between fidelity and beneficence 2. The obligation of beneficence outweighs the obligation of fidelity 3. I have obligations of fidelity and beneficence 4. The viable options are (X) and (Y) 5. I decide to pursu
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