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29 Nov 2016

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January 5, 2016: timbits/tim hortons keep us happy, healthy (timbits hockey), used in celebrations, and for no real reason at all. Timbits give us a sense of how strange things can be: looking for the general from the particular. Timbit - baked goods food industry economy - society. Bc: life and the virtues of life are based on knowledge, most important for socrates is socratic method. The teacher doesn"t deliver answers, he delivers questions. Aristotle 384-322 bc: realism is the answer to socrates. The good or virtue of something comes out of how it is really used. The vocation of the sociologist is to pause before disasters and go back to those things ^ 15th century ce: guttenberg press was important because it allowed for the wide spread of printed material, copernicus revolution- earth centered universe to sun centered universe. This moved human society off of the center.

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