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BIOL 112 Questions for Midterm with Answers at the end1 100 bacterial cells are on leaf in the forest and grow for five doublings cell divisions After thefifth doubling an amoeba comes along and eatsof all the cells that are present only 14th of them are left and then it wanders off The remaining cells then grow for three more doublings cell divisions three times How many cells are there at the end of this periodA 100B 800C 3200D 6400E 128 0002 What is the most important factor explaining the assembly of phospholipids into a phospholipid bilayer in an aqueous solutionA The formation of motionally freer higher entropy water associated with the burying of thephospholipid tails away from waterB Formation of ionic bonds between the phospholipids tailsC Formation of polar dipoleinduced dipole interactionsD Formation of induced dipole induced dipole interactions between the phospholipid headgroupsE Formation of covalent bonds in the hydrocarbon tails of the phospholipids3 In the figure above cells were added just before the time marked by arrow A Select the letter s on the portions of the growth curve wherei No cell division is happening Aii Nutrients become limiting C and Diii Toxic waste products are being made and secreted B C and Div Rate of cell death exceeds rate of cell division D4 The chemical structure below is for sodium lauryl sulfate SDS a commonly used laboratory detergent Which statements are true regarding the structure of SDS and the observed behavior of SDS given in each statement1 The long hydrophobic tail can insert between the phospholipids of the membrane destroying theintegrity of the membrane2 The negatively charged oxygen atom would be exposed on the hydrophilic surface of themembrane3 The amphipathic nature of this molecule results in SDS inserting into the cell membrane4 The nonpolar portion of SDS can form induced dipoleinduced dipole interactions with thehydrocarbon chains of the phospholipids5 The shape of the SDS molecule promotes micelle formation in waterA 1 2 3 and 4 onlyB 1 3 4 and 5 onlyC 1 2 and 3 onlyD 3 4 and 5 onlyE All statements are true5 Why are phospholipids well suited to be the main structural components of membranes1 They are completely insoluble in water2 The can self assemble into a lipid bilayer3 They form a structure in which the hydrophobic portion faces water4 Their molecular shape is conelike
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