ITA235H5 Midterm: Test #1 Review

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23 Oct 2018

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For example, name three aspects of renaissance banquets. Answer one question on food consumption habits and how they were formed during the first and second world wars. The sense that the regime could not provide for the people"s basic needs. Halting the diversification of the italian diet. Key features of a banquet and their evolution, including the differences between banquets of the middle ages, renaissance, greeks, romans. Thermopolia: sold cooked, warm food to take away. After spreading across europe, nutella touched down first in asia then the united. Italian cute" word -tella": in 1964, the first jar of nutella was introduced. Concentrate on the division of italy as states, right before unification; settlers who were originally in those areas; key foods left behind or consumed there. Points to plot on 1 map (regions, settlers, communes/states; foods and techniques): see food map. Topics: dates and events regarding unification, the creation of the.

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