PHL145H5 Midterm: Chapters 1-5 Mid Term Notes

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15 Feb 2011

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Argument: an argument is a set of declarative sentences in which one or more sentences (the premises) are offered in support of another sentence (the conclusion) Conclusion: in an argument, the claim for which the premises are intended as support. It is this claim that the arguer tries to make credible. Opinion: a belief typically about matter open to dispute where there is not full proof and others have different ideas. Often people are aware that their opinions are not fully backed up evidence and hold less firmly to them than to other beliefs fir, which there is more conclusive evidence, less disagreement, or both. Indicator words: suggest the presence of argument and help to indicate its structure; indicate which statements are premises and which are conclusions, show the direction of reasoning. Premise indicator: since, because, for, follows from, as shown by ect. Conclusion indicator: therefore, thus, so, consequently, in conclusion ect.

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