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BIOL 459 Midterm: Classification of Infectious Agents- Viruses

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BIOL 459
Roy Real

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[Classification of Infectious Agents: Viruses Intro: What are bacteriophages? Viruses that infect bacteria What are the structures of a virion Nucleic acid (completely developed viral particle)? Capsid Envelope Spikes Morphology of Viruses (4). Helical hollow, cylindrical Polyhedral many-sided Enveloped Complex combine helical and polyhedral Taxonomy of viruses. Genus -virus Family - viridae Order - ales Growing Bacteriophages in Laboratory Viruses be grown in living cells! Bacteriophages grown in bacteria Form plaques on the surface of agar plate Measured in plaque-forming units (PFU) Growing Animal Viruses in the Laboratory In living animals In embryonated eggs Viruses injected into egg In cell cultures Tissues treated w/ enzymes to separate cells Cytophatic effect deterioration of cell with virus Continuous cell lines used HeLa Viral Identification Cytopathic effects Serological tests Nucleic acids Name the two bacteriophage cycles. Lytic cycle Phage DNA incorporated into host
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