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Final Review

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ANTH 1003
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Final Exam Review Topics1Define culture and know the characteristics of culture Culture is sets of learned behaviors and ideas that human beings acquire as members of societyIt is made up of learned behaviors It involves the use of language classification systems and symbols Symbolic anthropology is a theoretical perspective that focuses on understanding culture by discovering and analyzing a cultures symbols because key symbols can reflect deep concerns of a culture It is patterned integrated and shared by members of the group It is adaptive and subject to change Enculturation is the process of learning to be a member of a specific cultural group 2What is a subculture A system of perceptions values beliefs and customs that is significantly different from those of a larger dominant group within the same society Dominant culture is the culture of the group that controls the greater wealth and power in a society and can thus impose its understand of the world on subcultures 3Name and briefly describe the four traditional subdisciplines of anthropology in the United StatesArchaeologythe study of past cultures through their material remains prehistoric societies are those with no usable written records PhysicalBiological anthropologythe study of humans from a biological perspective includes paleoanthropology biological processes of human adaption human variation physiological differences among modern humans and primatology the study of apes Sociocultural anthropologythe study of society anymore or less a complex group of people aka a community and culture varies community to community Linguistic anthropologyinterdisciplinary cultural beliefs about language Culturally patterned ways of using language language use in context Speakers as social actors 4What is participant observation Hallmark of sociocultural anthropology Participating in a given society but also observing social behavior and cultural beliefs Combines subjective and objectives emic and etic Begins with the entrance into a new society first contact involves a sort of test then acceptance Then develop a network of informants respondents consultants friends people whom anthropologists gather data from Then involves the acquisition of fundamental grounding knowledge of culture and adaption to new culture Malinowskis study in Trobriand Islands became the model5What is ethnocentrism What is cultural relativism EthnocentrismBelief that ones culture is better more natural than all others Most human beings are at least somewhat ethnocentric Measures other cultures by the degree to which they live up to ones own culture Cultural Relativismunderstanding values and customs in terms of the culture of which they are a part Looking for the cultural logic in which certain practices make sense There are limitations with cultural relativity
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