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Anthropology EXAM 3 Full Notes (got 96%)

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Anthropology EXAM 3Date Friday 3912Mound BuildersLecture OutlineOverview of the Moundbuilders phenomenonAdena the late Archaic and Poverty PointThe Hopewell Interaction SphereMississippian chiefdoms Cahokia MoundvilleThe Archaic Period in North AmericaEquivalent to Mesolithic Europe Period of intensive foragingCa 80001000 BC vary from region to regionEnds with adoption of farmingOverall relatively smallscale societies with some exceptions Eg moundbuildersMoundbuildersOverviewComplex societies with chiefsAgricultureLongdistance exchange networksEconomic and craft specializationMonumental architecture and earthwork eg moundsEastern region of North AmericaAs early as 3000 BC to colonial periodDifferent groups Adena Hopewell MississippianFuelled Eurocentered mythologyMoundbuildersBackgroundLate Archaic ca 2500 BCPlant domesticatesoSquash gourd gossefoot marsh elder sunflowerCeramicsPopulation GrowthPoverty PointOverviewSite in NE LouisianaRecognized as archaeological in 1950sEarthwork during late Archaico1200700 BCTo build in 500 years 100 people 20 days per yearPoverty Point EarthWorkSix concentric ridgesWooden structuresHearths and pits at center Residential use Feasting useFive moundsoLargest 20 m high x 200 m longPoverty Point Roles and FunctionsCongregation placeImportant residential populationCraft production and specializationoLongdistance tradeoFlint chert jasper hematite slate galena copperContact as far as great LakesLSU mounds NW section of campusCa 3000 BC possibly earliest in LouisianaNot used as burial grounds
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