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Chapters 4-6 (Got A+ on the test)

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CHEM 1201
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Chapter 46Strong Electrolytes dissolve and dissociate 100 in watergive aLARGE number of ions in solutionGOOD conductorsosolutions of well solube ionic compounds like NaCl KBr NHNO 43CuSO4Weak Electrolytesgive a limited amount of ions in solutionpoor conductorsosolutions of weak acids CHCOOH HCO HSO32323osolutions of weak basis NHaq CHNH3252osolutions of poorly soluble ionic compounds like PbI AgSO 224CaCrO CuOH42in net ionic equations we LEAVE weak electrolytes as they areNonelectrolytes produce negligible amount of ions in solution osolutions of soluble molecular substances like sugar CHOH 3CHOH glycol25oHO metals most gases and other miscellaneous substances 2which do not react with water such as Braq Clg22in net ionic equations leave nonelectrolytes as they areMOLAR CONCENTRATI ONMOLARITY molesofsolutemolmolarity c or M volumeofsolutionLUnits of energy2kgm Joule JJs 1 cal4184 JPotential Energy E energy of positionpkQQ12 Coulombs LawFdKinetic Energy E energy of motionk12Emvk23 types of heat processesexothermic processheat leaves the system and travels the surroundings endothermic processheat leaves the surrounding and travels to the systemthermoneutral processno heat transfer Electromagnetic radiation
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