GEOG 2050 : GEOG Notes For Exam 3

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15 Mar 2019

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Pinatubo erupts: june 1991, 2nd largest eruption in 20th century (vei=6, effects covers 42% of globe in 60 days. Gas laws: p=rpt: p= pressure (force/area, t= temp, p= density- (mass/volume, r= gas constant. Pressure is a scalar quantity (magnitude, no direction) Measuring air pressure: mercury barometer: air pressure causes mercury column to rise in tube (old method, aneroid barometer: pen moves up and down as air pressure changes (method used now) Changes in pressure are least noticeable, but are important in producing weather. Wind: movement of air: measure wind speed, anemometer- 3 cup most common, miles per hour (mph, kilometers per hour (kmph, meters per second (mps, knots (nautical mile/hour, measure wind direction, wind vane- source direction, 10m (33ft) above surface. Wind direction: meterology: direction the wind is from, westerly wind from the west, degrees from north, westerly wind is 270 , compass directions: n- 0 , e-90 , s-180 , w-270 .

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