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History 1003 Final1Indulgence Controversy 1517This is when John Tetzel begins selling indulgences to raise money for Leo X so his sons could become archbishop ofThis indulgence sell got out of hand and led to the 95 theses by Martin Luther2Ulrich Zwingli 14841538creator of the first nonLutheran protestant church 1521Was Chaplin for the Swiss army he followed Luthers career and converted his church to Lutheran until he realized he disagreed on some things with Luther Zwinglis died in battle in 1531 His body was carried off by the Protestants and the quartered in burnedth3Anabaptism 16 century Came from Zwinglis church They pointed out that the Bible does not have evidence of infant Baptism so that Baptism is invalid These people were Bible literalist and would pry through the Bible looking for other things to do th4Church of England 16 century King Henry VIII decides to start his own church after divorcing Catherine of Aragon so that he wouldnt get any heat from anyone The act of Supremacy in 1534 is what establishes the Church of England It is structurally very different from the Roman Catholic church but theologically nothing changed 5John Calvin 15091564Generation after Martin Luther He is French When he goes to the University of Paris to study law he has a conversion experience After this he began to talk about his new understanding which was dangerous because Paris was the Basket of Roman catholic thinking so they tell him he must leave or will be forced to leave So he goes to Switzerland He writes the institutes stof Christian Religion 1 edition but never stops working on this This is the first systematic explanation of Protestant Theology The basic theme is Majesty and Sovereignty of God see notes6Ecclesiastical Ordinances around 1540A book written by Calvin on How to set up his church It stated that every church should have four officers Pastors explain the word of God teachers teach children and those who wish to profit from instruction Elders watch over public morality and Deacons are for the poor and disadvantaged All of these things were put into action in Geneva Switzerland7Charles V 1519Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire at the time of the house of Habsburg The reformation occurred under his empire Most powerful man in Europe during this time Ruler of Austria Netherlands Spain half of Italy and HRE Called himself the protector of the Catholic Church and believed his job was to bring the Protestants back to the Catholic Church He is the only emperor to resign 1556 Before he resigns he passes a settlement that recognizes Catholicism and Lutheranism as religions in Germany 8Peasants Revolt 15241525 Luther wrote Freedom of a Christian which says that Christians are free in their hearts but some people did no appreciate this interpretation Many people just heard about freedom and were convinced that people should be free from obligation dues fees and work dues Based on this idea in 1524 the Peasant Revolt began This revolt became increasingly violent As the peasant revolt got closer to where Luther lived he became increasingly concerned and wrote a pamphlet that was called Against the Murdering Hordes of Peasants With this Lutheranism ceases to be a religion of the peopleThe peasant revolt ends in 15259Society of Jesus 1534 JesuitsThese people really insist on pious living and want to make sure that the Catholic Church reflects piety Founded by Ignatius Loyola Their mission was to convert heathens non Christians and Heretics protestants They were an official organization of the Catholic Church and recognized by the pope Loyola also insisted in absolute obedience to the pope This organization was a military They were highly disciplined they went out to convert people but didnt threaten people they encouraged them Missionary work education political influence it is important to get positions with political influence none of this will work without reform of the institution
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