Sensory Evaluation And Product Development Student Notes 2009

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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 1049
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Sensory Evaluation and Product DevelopmentWhat is Sensory EvaluationThe assessment of all of the qualities of a food item as perceived by the human sensesIFT defines sensory evaluation asThe scientific discipline used to evoke measure analyze and interpret human reactions to those characteristics of foods and beverages as they are perceived by the senses of sight smell taste touch and hearingHow is Sensory Evaluation UsedIn a food company sensory scientists work closely with product developers to understand What consumers like and whyIf consumers can tell a difference when they change a productIn academia sensory scientistsTry to understand how our senses work and how our senses respond to stimuli both from food and chemicalsImprove testing methodologyWhy is Sensory Evaluation UsedIt reduces uncertainty and risks in decision makingIt ensures a costefficient delivery of new products with high consumer acceptabilityHuman observers are good measuring instrumentsPeople can sometimes detect odorants at levels lower than what can be detected by an instrumentInstruments can not measure likingHow Does Taste WorkThere are five basic tastesSweetSourSaltyBitterUmamiThe Japanese word umami translates as pleasant to the taste agreeable good mild savory delicious Sources of the taste include MSG broth and shiitake mushroomsTwo Types of Sensory PanelsTrained PanelsTrainedone or more sessionsExpertmonths of trainingObjective can determine differences or describe a productUntrainedConsumer PanelsDetermine preference likedislike and can rank in order of preferencePrinciples of Good PracticeFacilities should be well designedWhite or offwhite colorLighting should be controlledThere should be good ventilationSamples should be prepared properlyTemperature should be controlled and the same for all samplesVolume served should be equal for all samplesSamples should be served at equivalent shelflife or time sinceSamples should be labeled with random3digit codes to avoid biasExcuse panelists withFever or common cold skin or nervous system disordersPoor dental hygiene or gingivitis
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