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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 1049
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Food ChemistryThe Science of FoodFood Chemistry is the study ofThe composition of raw materials in foodsThe composition of the endproducts of food productionThe changes which occur in food during its production processing storage and cookingExamples of the science of food in everyday lifeEmulsionsButter ice cream milk mayonnaiseFoamsIce cream marshmallows whipped cream meringueGelsGelatin desserts Pimentos in olives pudding gummy candies7 types of Food ComponentsWaterCarbohydratesLipidsProteinsVitaminsMineralsPhytochemicalsPhytochemicalPlant derived chemical that is biologically active and thought to have function in the body to prevent certain disease processes considered nonnutritiveFood Chemistry WaterProperties3 physical statesLiquidGasSolidBoiling Point 100C 212F if soluble substances are present the boiling point is elevatedFreezing Point 0C 32F soluble substances depress freezing pointpH Distilled water is neutralDipolarCalorie free
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